The St. Louis Regional Chamber’s Arcus Awards recognizded organizations in the 15-county, bi-state St. Louis metropolitan area that demonstrated their dedication to making our region a better place to live, work, and invest. In 2020, for its 7th annual Arcus Awards, the Chamber chose to refresh the event’s brand. I was responsible for re-designing the event’s branding and applying it to printed collateral, digital assets, event signage, and even branded motion graphics.

Logo Design Process

I was asked to design a logo that would be close enough to the original to be recognizable, while looking more modern and glamorous. Specifically, I was given music and film award ceremonies to use as a reference for look and feel (the Academy Awards, the Grammys). I retained the starburst in the logo and abstracted the arch motif to look more like a shooting star. I also simplified the elaborate light-beams background from the original materials to a cleaner, more colorful gradient, which we applied to almost all Arcus materials. 

Logo Design Round 1

Logo Designs Round 2

The starburst motif was a favorite among the early logo designs. Once I honed in on that direction, the logo stared coming together. Also, finding the right typeface, the sparse but lovely sans serif Amundsen, really gave the identity a distinctive character. 

Printed Collateral

Arcus Awards invitation, printed and distributed at St. Louis Regional Chamber meetings and events.

Motion Graphics

During the Arcus Awards event, the St. Louis Regional Chamber had a gigantic media wall on stage, and they asked me to design branded looping motion graphics to display as people entered the ballroom and during intermissions.