The St. Louis Arts Chamber is a membership-based collaborative of artists and patrons who are committed to establishing the Greater St. Louis region as a premier arts destination. On August 7, 2021, the Arts Chamber will present the Hodiamont Greenway Street Art Festival & Ice Cream Social as part of its celebrations of the Missouri Bicentennial. I worked with the Arts Chamber to develop a visual identity for the Hodimaont Greenway Street Arts Fest that creates anticipation for this celebration of local arts and culture, while being authentic to the character of the seven neighborhoods the Hodiamont Greenway passes through. The Hodiamont Greenway is a bike and walking trail that is being planned north of Delmar, and it is located on the former Hodiamont Tracks, which were trolley tracks when the St. Louis street car was still in operation. In my logo design, I incorporated a few subtle nods to the old streetcar line — the bright red orange color, the typography, and the black parallel lines that evoke the shape of the tracks.


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